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Variety of Italian Bread

Italian cuisine is full of bakery products and pastries, which not only look amazing and smell, but also unrealistically delicious. For example, Italian bread, which has many species. Italian cuisine is difficult to imagine without a basket of fragrant bread, which is then usually combined with the sauce, which stay after the dish on the plate. Very often Italians buy bread in small bakeries. But there are recipes for homemade bread that are passed down from generation to generation only between family members.


The most common type of bread in Italy is ciabatta bread, the recipe of which may vary depending on the region and the desire of the baker. The recipe of bread of any kind has its own long history. But now in many bakeries you can find exactly the kind of bread that was made many years ago.

Homemade bread in Italy has a very simple composition:

  • wheat flour
  • salt
  • sugar or malt
  • water
  • dry yeast

The dough is kneaded with hands or with a blender and leaved at room temperature. This temperature will allow the dough to become porous and airy. And at what temperature to bake bread depends already on the recipe and the type of bakery product. Sometimes various herbs, olives or dried tomatoes are added to the basic recipe.

Italian ciabatta bread

The most popular in Italy, and in the whole world, is ciabatta bread. Its recipe is not so ancient, but quickly became a favorite on the Mediterranean coast. The story tells that cooking ciabatta is a bit borrowed from cooking a French baguette – add plenty of water to make the dough airy.

The ingredients for ciabatta bread are the same as for ordinary Italian bread. They include yeast (dry or at least fresh), flour made from soft wheat (preferably finely ground) and standard salt, sugar and water. Bread is baked in the oven at a temperature of 230 degrees and sprinkled with flour after cooking.

And despite the fact that ciabatta is just bread, in Italy there are many ways to enjoy it. For example, ciabatta is used to make bruschetta. On the toasted slices of bread, they put the vegetables, smear the pate or spread out small pieces of ham.

Very often, ciabatta is used for snacking, making hot sandwiches with a spoonful of sauce, grated cheese and tomatoes.

Other popular types of bread

Italian bread with olives is another popular type of bakery. This goodies for real gourmets. Cooking this bread is a bit more complicated than ciabatta. But it tastes better. To the usual ingredients added olive oil, herbs and onions. The bread dough should be airy, and the crust stays crispy. This bread can be used instead of a snack, as an independent dish. After all, oil, olive aftertaste and herbs spice will not want to interrupt.

Well, if you see dough cakes on the Italian table, do not rush to call them in that way. This is also another type of bread – focaccia. The recipe for this bread is a mixture of ciabatta and bread with olives, but before baking, the dough is formed into small cakes. It is served with olives, herbs, dried or fresh tomatoes.

In our restaurant Mercato Italiano you can enjoy top-quality Italian bakery products. In our menu you will find different types of bread that can be eaten as well as with something, or just with drinks. And even if you are in a hurry, then stay with us for a couple of minutes and enjoy a cup of coffee with fragrant ciabatta.


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