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Champagne, prosecco: difference?

What is champagne?

Nowadays champagne has become popular drink for celebration. Agree, no one celebration of a large or small scope can be without this drink. And no, we are not talking about cheap Soviet champagne, which can be bought at any store. We are talking about this expensive drink, which is made in France, in the Champagne region.

French champagne is not just alcohol fizzy water, after which you often has a headache. This is a real elite drink, which is made from three grape sorts:

  • Chardonnay
  • Pinot Noir
  • Pinot Meunier

Bubbles in such a drink appear in the most natural way – due to secondary fermentation in bottles, which then need to be kept in a horizontal position for another nine months. This production method has its own name – “Méthode Champenoise” and is very expensive. On average, one bottle of such a drink costs $40. Champagne is enough calorie drink. For example, dry champagne brut has 128 Kcal and at the same time 12% of alcohol.

But real champagne is too expensive and an elite drink, which not everyone can afford. For example, the well-known champagne Moet costs about $70. Therefore, prosecco appeared on the scene – sparkling wine, which is not worse then its expensive analogue. And someone can even say that prosecco is much better. Among people there is a false idea that this drink is Italian champagne. Prosecco and champagne – two different drinks that are very similar to each other.

And besides, in Italy there is their own champagne, which is called Fragolino. It has a nice pink color, with a slight flavor of strawberries. And its name came from fragola, which translated as strawberry from the Italian.

What is prosecco?

Prosecco is a sparkling wine originally from Veneto, near Venice. It is prepared from only one grape sort, which gave the name Prosecco to wine. But now the grape was returned to its historical name – Glera, so sparkling wine has its own unique name.

Prosecco production is slightly simpler than champagne, so it costs less. Repeated fermentation takes place not in separate bottles, but in a whole tank. Alcohol is bottled in bottles afterwards with the help of pressure. The method of such production is called “Charma”. Due to the easy production process, the price of prosecco is significantly lower – only, on average, $ 13 per bottle. Prosecco has fewer calories than champagne – 121 Kcal. And a little less degrees of alcohol too – it is only 11%.


There is an even cheaper analogue of prosecco – lambrusco. It is most popular for its red and pink semi-dry and semi-sweet sparkling wines. But still not as familiar as prosecco.

Different bubbles and different snacks

Champagne and prosecco are similar only visually, but taste, smell and even bubbles are all different. Due to the fact that yeast is used in the production of champagne, the bubbles in the drink are stronger. Thanks to the yeast in the aroma of the French drink, we hear notes of the smell of baking. To the aroma of baking in seasoned champagne we can also feel the smells of almond or orange peel.

Prosecco is a more tender drink, the bubbles of which are softer and not so long-playing. The aroma of fruit or flowers may be present in wine. Because of this, prosecco is most often chosen for an aperitif. But not only for it. Prosecco is the perfect addition to Italian cuisine. It can be used with Italian meat products and fruits. A good example is melon wrapped in slices of prosciutto.

Prosecco is not considered to be a simple drink, but a symbol of sweet life, which in Italian sounds like – “dolce vita”. Prosecco sparkling wine will bring a drop of “sweets” and burlesque into everyday life. You must admit that the day gets better when you have a small glass of such a drink in your hand.

A little bit of prosecco in Ukraine

The last year in Ukraine sparkling wine of pearl colour became popular. If you look at the bottle just from the side, it will be colored alcohol. But if you shake it a little bit, then the wine will turn into a small piece of the galaxy with a scattering of stars. This drink can not even drink, but just to admire. Agree, it is doubly pleasant to enjoy sparkling wine that looks beautiful. It will make you look like a movie hero. And who does not want to be in the movie?

The working day is over, but you still do not know where you can treat yourself with a glass of delicious prosecco? Restaurant Mercato Italiano at your service. During visit of our restaurant you will forget that today is a working day and you are in Kiev. We will take you with us to Italy.


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