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Salami — Italian Pride

In Italy, not only pizza and pasta are popular, but also various types of snacks, which are called Antipasti. One of such snacks is a meat plate. Italians often use such meat products as, for example, prosciutto and salami.

Italian salami is one of the most common meat products on the Mediterranean coast. This dry-cured sausage, which cooking technology goes back centuries, was invented in Hungary. And then it migrated to Italy, where it became a popular traditional dish.


The main component of the product is, of course, jerky, the types of which may vary depending on the recipe. For example, salami can be cooked from pork or beef, as well as from goose, and in very rare cases can use donkey meat. The sausage also contains spices: garlic, ground black or white pepper, nutmeg and salt. They give the sausage a stunning flavor.

At the beginning, to make a good salami, the Italians fattened pigs with the remnants of milk products. And then the finely ground pork was mixed with spices and wine, and served to the table.

To distinguish salami from other types of meat products is very simple. It is necessary to look at the presence of a thin layer of white mold, which appear during the maturation of the sausage. And salami ripens outdoors for 3 months. Ready-made real Italian salami in a natural dense casing, with a grayish cut.

Natural salami have a caloric value per 100g of product ~ 384 kcal. And a quality product even has useful properties. Such salami will help regulate the level of cholesterol in the body. It is also recommended for people with low weight and loss of appetite. But all the useful properties will appear only with moderate use of sausage, and only good quality.

The most popular types of salami

One of the most famous types of salami is salami Milano. From the name it is clear that such sausage is produced in the vicinity of Milan. It is made from pork and finely ground beef. Salt and a small amount of spices are added to Milano’s salami. Inside the meat is permeated with small points of pork fat. What makes the sausage taste tender.


The second no less popular type is salami Felino. It is produced in a small town in the province of Parma. Sausage is made from pork with a minimum fat content. And the main difference of this type is dry white wine. If Milano’s salami is simply popular all over the world, then Felino’s salami is considered an exquisite delicacy. Salami of this species has a pronounced mold crust, which adds zest to the taste.

Salami in italian cuisine

Salami of any kind is considered a traditional delicacy of Italian cuisine, so it is widely used in the preparation of various dishes. Sausage very well complements salads and soups with extravaganza of aromas and spicy taste.

Often salami is used as a snack, which with its unusual little spicy taste is well complemented by drinks. A meat plate with salami is usually supplemented with cheeses, fruits / vegetables, and nuts. And it is served to Italian wine. Such a meal is usually considered not just a snack, and the beginning of dinner. And after the meat plate there are pasta, pizza or risotto.

Try real salami sausage on the territory of Ukraine is difficult. After all, not every store will tell you the truth about its manufacture. But in our restaurant Mercato Italiano you can enjoy the taste of salami, as part of an exquisite assortment of meat products. Together with delicious Italian wine, this will be a great start to dinner or lunch.


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