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What is tiramisu?

Italian cuisine is rich not only with its hot dishes but also with a variety of desserts. The capital of Italian sweets is Sicily. And the most famous Italian dessert is tiramisu.

What tiramisu is everyone knows, and not only in Italy. The global network of the Internet is full of everything about tiramisu: photos, videos with step-by-step preparation, original versions of recipes. All over the world, sweet tooths are familiar with this dessert. Tiramisu cake is famous for its delicate texture and simple recipe. In Italy, it is believed that every family has its own special tiramisu, the recipe of which is passed down from generation to generation. Therefore, when traveling around Italy, you can not be afraid to try the same tiramisu dessert.

A little bit of history

Tiramisu is a collaboration between Italy and Bavaria. Famous German sweets combined with a simple cream, which in Italy was prepared for children – yolk with sugar. The recipe was incredibly simple but so tasty that as soon as tiramisu appeared on the territory of Italy, everyone began to demand it on the table.

Time went on, like history, but the classic tiramisu recipe for a long time remained in the hearts of the Italians. A lot of confectioners of the Mediterranean country tried to appropriate the inventions of this dish. The recipe changed, moving from one province to another. But in general, dessert has become an integral part of Italian cuisine, like pizza or pasta.

The classic tiramisu recipe

True tiramisu has several key ingredients belonging to true Italy:

Savoyard biscuits

This is a sweet crunchy tiramisu cookie. Savoyard is made from a mixture of protein, flour, and sugar. It quickly absorbs moisture without losing its shape and becomes soft and airy. Therefore, these tiramisu cookies are one of the important ingredients. No biscuit, as many mistakenly believe.

Mascarpone cheese

Tiramisu cream is prepared on the basis of this cheese. Delicate, creamy mascarpone is made in Lombardy. The name Maschera is translated as cottage cheese. And if ordinary cottage cheese is made from milk, then mascarpone is made from cream. If there is no high-quality mascarpone, then you can make tiramisu with cream. But tiramisu with mascarpone is a classic.

Marsala Wine

This is a kind of culinary wine that confectioners often use as rum or liquor. It is almost never used as a regular drink, only as a digest. And for tiramisu – this is a great option. Wine, along with the rest of the ingredients, gives the dessert an unforgettable taste. Marsala can be replaced by Italian amaretto liqueur.


Good coffee is the key to good tiramisu. Therefore, it is better to give up a cheap drink. Freshly brewed espresso is first cooled and then mixed with Marsala. In this fragrant mixture dipped cookies, which absorbs the bright coffee taste. To enhance this spicy taste and make the cake beautiful, it is decorated with cocoa sprinkles.

According to the classic recipe, tiramisu is prepared and served in a round shape, like almost all cakes. But here the oblong shape of Savoyard biscuits complicates the task. Therefore, modern tiramisu is most often prepared in a rectangular form for baking, preferably glass. This is done only for one simple reason – for beauty. You must agree, in a glass form with cocoa powder and a sprig of mint, tiramisu looks luxurious on any table.

Calorie of tiramisu

It is necessary to accept the fact that the dessert has a lot of calories. Per 100 g of the product – 384 kcal. But 100 g is so little. The most high-calorie product in the composition is cheese, so there are several recipes for tiramisu without mascarpone.

Tiramisu with cottage cheese


This recipe was invented for those who want to not break the diet, and eat a sweet. In the diet version, almost all products are replaced:

  • Savoyard biscuits are replaced by dietary one, preferably without sugar
  • Mascarpone cheese is replaced with low-fat cottage cheese or curd mass
  • Marsala wine, like any other alcohol, is excluded from the recipe
  • Coffee remains in the composition

Of course, dietary tiramisu only remotely resembles a real Italian dessert. But anyway, the taste of this dessert is amazing.

Italian tiramisu in Kiev

This delicious tiramisu dessert is hard to cook not in Italy. You need to find all the ingredients, keep the right proportion and, of course, make the cake beautiful. In our restaurant, Mercato Italiano coped with this task! This is one of the few places where you can try real Italian tiramisu.

Dessert will be a cherry on the cake of your evening in our restaurant. The gentle cream of tiramisu of our production is like a sweet air cloud and melts on the lips. Not for nothing, this dessert has a name: tira – raise, mi – me, su – up.


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