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Ribeye steak – the most popular steak

For meat lovers, steak comes for the first place. What could be better than a juicy piece of beef on a plate? The right cooking steak called Ribeye. So, you may ask, what is it Ribeye.

For those who know English even at a low level, it is clear that the word consists of two parts – rib and eye. It sounds very unusual and without any sense, but everything is simpler than it seems at first glance. “Rib” is that part of the dorsal rib cell of the bull, between the 5th and 12th rib. And “eye” came from the professional jargon of butchers, who called that part of the meat an eye because of large patches of fat, surrounded by thin veins.

Marble beef

Not every steak can be taken for Ribeye, because it is especially cooked meat that you can’t compare with anything. Ribeye steak is deservedly considered one of the best, because everything depends not only on the correct part of the beef, but also the correct cooking, and of course the fattening of animals.

Proper fattening consists of a simple scheme: during the young calf age animals eat juicy grass, and then feed only with grain. And the longer the animal eats grain, the better is meat for steak. And of course, the meat for Ribeye should be cut from the part where the muscles that are less used during the movement. This fact is also important when choosing an excellent piece of meat. Therefore, Ribeye is cut out from three muscles: the longest, spinous and the broadest.

Ribeye meat is easily recognizable among the others on the marbled surface with thin fatty layers. In the Ribeye steak there can be retained the bone, but more often steak is served without it. This factor depends on the country in which it is served and, of course, on the cook. A very good example of how a Ribeye steak can be different for different chefs is that fact that in many countries Ribeye can be called with different names

To salt or not to salt?

Regarding cooking and serving steak, there have always been, and always will be disputes between chefs. After all, each has his own nuances and troubles. Most often, disputes flare up around such factors:

  • Is it necessary to salt and pepper the meat, and if so, before or after frying
  • Is it necessary to marinate meat
  • How often to turn a piece of meat
  • Is it necessary to use oil during the cooking

But despite all the disputes, chiefs still agree on one thing – the steak must be with room temperature before cooking. After all, if you get a steak from the refrigerator, and then immediately send it to the pan or grill, then it would be no steak. There will be only a dry piece of fried meat.

Steak or grilled meat?


The next question is – why is steak considered to be an unusual grilled piece of beef? Everything is very simple. Beef is not cooked completely, but only slightly, to retain the internal moisture and fry the crust. The perfect steak is when you warm the inside so that the fibers are soft and tender. And at the same time left almost all the moisture in the meat, so that it stays juicy. There are 5 degrees of roast steak, but the most common ones are:

  • medium rare
  • medium
  • medium well

Why are the others two degrees of roasting not so popular? For example, rare not everyone will like, because it is almost a raw piece of meat. This is a delicacy only for true gourmets.

And well done cooking degree is just an ordinary piece of roasted meat, without juice or a delicate texture inside. Connoisseurs of real marble beef do not like that. Some may even say that this is simply the spoilage of such meat.

For Ribeye steak, the recommended degree is medium rare or medium. And that’s all because these degrees of roasting that allow the beef to stay tender, juicy and true Ribeye, and not an ordinary steak.

The medium rare type is considered as standard by many chefs and in many restaurants of the world. An inaccurate translation is weak cooking without blood. Meat with this type of roasting cooks for 5 minutes on each side and becomes pink in color, with a small amount of liquid and brown crust.

The medium type is very popular in Ukraine and is considered to be standard. Meat for this type of roasting should be roasted for 3-4 minutes on each side, constantly turning. And then leaved for 7 minutes just to lay down on off frying pan or grill. Thanks to that way of cooking, the beef becomes pale pink without blood.

Why do they choose Ribeye?

Why do meat lovers choose exactly Ribeye, and not an ordinary steak? Because Ribeye steak is a classic representative of the meat kitchen. Well, a classic fashionable in any weather. And Ribeye steak is delicious at any time of the year.

Grilled or well heated on the pan, Ribeye steak is a tender piece of beef that can not be compared with anything. Even if you take the meat of the same cow, but from another part of the beef – it will not be as soft and tasty as part of Ribeye.

Steaks are usually soaked in marinade for better taste and more tenderness, but Ribeye steak is so good with itself that it does not need marinade. While cooking of Ribeye the most important rule – do not spoil the meat during frying. After all, cooking of steak is not just frying meat and that’s all, but a whole art that requires hard work.

Steak with or without side dish is delicious


Ribeye steak is not easy to cook, but easy to serve. The Ribeye is already a good without anything – complete dish that you can spice up with spices. But if you want to dilute the taste of beef with a side dish, then there are several options for you.

Ribeye marbled beef is best eaten with vegetables and a light sour-flavored sauce. This will dilute fatty meat and give it a special taste. Vegetables can be fresh and can be grilled. It all depends on your preferences. Well, we advise true gourmets for the best adding for Ribeye steak – a glass of red wine. With such a add, you can feel the whole taste of marbled beef and enjoy a hint of pleasure.

In our restaurant Mercato Italiano we can offer you both: a simple Ribeye steak with red wine, and a vegetable side dish with sauce. After all, we care about each of our guests and want to make your life better.


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