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The delights of Italian cuisine

Italian cuisine is considered to be one of the best in the world. After all, every meal in Italy is a special little event. Italians have a holiday every day, so breakfast, lunch, dinner or a small snack is a small banquet. Italian cuisine is a variety of dishes that are harmoniously combined with each other, creating a whole melody of a special taste.


Feature of Italian cuisine is that here you will not be served stale food. Even the one that was prepared just yesterday. All dishes are served perfectly-fresh, so that you can feel the whole taste. And the taste of each Italian dish is different and special.

Traditional Italian dishes

Each region of Italy has its famous dishes that are known through the whole world. We would like to present you these top 5 Italian dishes:


The city of Naples is considered as the birthplace of the best pizza in the world. Neapolitan pizza is a local treasure. A special association oversees the recipe, method of cooking and the quality of pizza products. In Naples, they organize holidays in honor of this dish, and tourists and locals line up at places where there are serving this delicacy. Try Neapolitan pizza – this item should be on the first place in the list of each tourist.


This is a traditional Italian dish, which is cooked throughout the country. But it is considered that this dish came from Bologna, because traditionally it is served with bolognese sauce. Lasagna, like pizza, has become a world famous dish not only in Europe, but also in the America. This dish must be tried in different regions. After all, every chef will cook it to you in different ways.


This dish does not belong to any particular region, but is considered a national treasure. After all, only in Italy you can find so many types of pasta. Here and spaghetti, and fettucine, and fusilli – all of them can not be counted. But each Italian region is famous for some kind of pasta.


Ravioli began to be cooked in Sicily, where they are served not only with meat inside. Every restaurant, every cook has its own filling, which creates a new taste for the old dish.


The fluffy dessert that came to us from Florence is famous all over the world. Having tried once, you will never forget this marvelous, sweet taste. It seems that all the tenderness of the world is collected in this small piece. Ladies around the world since ancient times adore this sweetness. Italians know how to pick up the key to the female heart.

Drinks from Italy

Of course, any traditional Italian dish is not complete without drinks. Italian drinks, as well as dishes, are famous around the world. The wines of Montepulciano, Chianti or Brunello di Montalcino are names that can be known only to connoisseurs. But here such names as prosecco or limoncello, amaretto – everyone heard it.

Such a famous prosecco among girls now is sparkling wine from the region of Italy, not far from Venice. It is called Italian champagne, which is not entirely correct. But still, this Italian drink is considered a more affordable analogue to its French competitor.

Well, limoncello is a popular Italian liqueur that can be used for both aperitif and dessert. Originally from southern Italy, the drink is drawn on lemon peel and is quite sweet, with a spicy aftertaste.

Amareto is a drink that is used only for enjoying during a dessert. Strong, with an almond aftertaste, amaretto is added to many cocktails. Coffee with amareto is quite a popular dessert in Italy. Pure liqueur is drunk with nuts, fruit or chocolate.

Italian dishes for everyone

As you can see, Italian cuisine can surprise anyone, even the most demanding gourmet. Such a variety of dishes and drinks enthralls. Italian food leads among the rest. You must agree, no other kitchen in the world can boast such popularity in other countries.

Authentic Italian cuisine can be tasted in Ukraine. Restaurant Mercato Italiano in Kiev is a good example of traditional Italian cuisine. In the menu you can find a rather impressive list of dishes of real Italian cuisine. Meat, seafood, vegetables, desserts, drinks, fruits, cheeses – all for you.

Come to us and see, that Italian cuisine is delicious.


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Summer in the «Mercato Italiano» restaurant

Summer in the «Mercato Italiano» restaurant

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Italian Hospitality

Italian Hospitality

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Artichoke – king of Italian cuisine

Artichoke – king of Italian cuisine


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